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Developing the Organization to Support Desired Practices

The principal builds and sustains collaborative cultures, structures a safe organization for success and connects the school to its community through shared leadership practices.

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Providing Support for Everyone

As the Department Head of Moderns, I have frequently taken on the role of a leader where I would advocate a change with various stakeholders in my department. I encourage my department to share resources with each other to create a collaborative culture where we try to assist everyone and building a communicative approach where everyone would discuss openly different strategies to improve student engagement. I have my department members to work as a collaborative team to help make improvements and changes in different courses. When scheduling I ensure to look at the different talents my members have to help them feel comfortable with the materials they are teaching. When they are not comfortable, I would provide them support in order to achieve the desired practice.

During every parent information night, I encourage my whole department to be present in order to show parents that we work as a team to help support their children's learning and success. I create positive relationships with parents and always ask parents about their older child who have graduated to show the caring environment that our school provides. Since I live in the area in which I teach, I often see parents and students outside of the school environment. I often say hi and build a friendly communication with every member of the community to build a narrative that we work as a community to help support their child no matter where they go. 

When it comes to budgeting and ordering, I often see what I can do to support my teachers, but also build a positive learning experience for our students. I try to order novels and resources to reflect our students' identities and families. When it comes to my role as the liaison of the Specialist High Skills Majors Program, I often try to help other departments to build their resources through communication and connections and understanding where they need resources to support their programming. 

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