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Setting Direction

The principal builds a shared vision, fosters the acceptance of group goals and identifies and communicates high performance expectations. 

Personal Mission Statement

I have been a Catholic Educator for the past 13 + years and I always believe that learning should be inspired through our virtues and gospels to build a safe environment for all students and staff. I truly believe that education should always be a positive experience for all and should be accessible for all . It should be inclusive in order to help everyone to become life-long learners. 

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Student Government

For the past 8 years, I have been working with various administrators, staff members and students to makes changes in the school through student government. During this time, we worked on creating positions in students government in order to reflect the student body and frequently editing and re-editing the St. Brother André Constitution to set a direction for how a club and council would run. In addition, we made changes in the different names of councils in order to become more inclusive equitable for all. It is through my involvement of student government to inspire the creation of several clubs such as the Afro-Caribbean Culture Club, the Asian Students Association and Partnership,  the Tamil Student Association and the Feminist Alliance. In addition, through my many years of working with student government, our student government has become more of a diverse group of students that represents all types of students in our school community. 

Specialist High Skills Program

As the Specialist High Skills Majors Liaison for the Arts and Culture Program for the past 10 years, I have piloted the program for the Arts and Culture students at St. Brother André CHS. During this time, I have noticed that there were a flux of students who were interested in doing Health and Wellness as well as Business. Through conversations with Department Heads of both Science and Business, we were able to start these program in the school. With the success of the program and more teachers saw the benefits of the program, we were able to start the Automotive SHSM. As our school that started with one SHSM program, quickly evolved into 5 SHSM programs in the school. 

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French Immersion Program

St. Brother André CHS was the first French Immersion high school for our board. During this time, I have built program with my team of teachers to create a program where students feels that they are part of a French Family and a second home. My vision for the program was not only a program where students learned French, but it was a program where students were able to be able to be multilingual and switch between French and English seamlessly. Working with other teachers in the Moderns Department, we created an inclusive environment for all students where they felt like we were a community that cared for them. Even through the pandemic, these students always felt that the teachers from our department was there to support them and help them. We were the teachers who would be there for them wherever they go and would always be welcomed back to the school. In terms of curriculum, we were able to provide other teachers in the board various resources to start their programs and create a pathway for a inclusive French Immersion Program for YCDSB. 

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