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Recommended Educational
YouTube Resources

The following are a few recommended YouTube Videos that I found in the past that I feel is useful for the different educational context. Feel free to browse around and see what you like. Many of these videos range from TedTalks to Mental Health Activities to educational theories to thought-provoking videos. Enjoy :D

The Danger of a Single Story


This is a TedTalk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie who speaks about how stories play an important role in education and the stories we choose to tell our students influences their perspectives of their role in society. 

We Should All Be Feminist


Another TedTalk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speaking about the concept of labels and how labels do not define who we are and how we should avoid using labels to identify people and how they defines us as individuals. 

The First Secret of Great Design


This Tedtalk by Tony Fadell speaks about the key to creating a great design is seeing and identifying the project holistically and understanding the perspective of others in order to create something that is innovative and creative. This can be applied to anything we do. 

Diversity Based on Labels is not Diversity at All

NBC News

In this video, Irshad Manji speaks about the importance of respecting everybody's opinions with the goal of truly understanding the meaning of diversity because labels do not define diversity, opinions do. 

I Sued the School System


This video shows the importance of changing the way teachers teach and understand that the world is constantly evolving. It is also a great video to remind teachers that we should be life-long learners and always find ways to learn and teach differently to our students of tomorrow. 

Stolen Children: Residential School survivors speak out 

CBC News: The National

Heart-clinching stories of residential school survivors regarding what they have experienced during their times in the residential schools and the trauma that they faced during those dark times. 

The REDress Project

ShawTv Winnipeg

This is an interview with Indigenous Artist Jaime Black regarding her REDress Project and the meaning and reasoning for this installation art piece. 

How to Talk about Indigenous People

CBC News

This video teaches how to speak about Indigenous People respectfully and the correct terms and respectful terms to talk about Indigenous People. 

Canada's Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women


Heart-clinching news report regarding Canada's issues of missing and murdered Indigenous Women and the advocacy group, Drag the Red in Winnepeg, which focuses on searching for these missing and murdered Indigenous Women. 

The Word Indigenous - Explained

CBC Kids News

This a more suitable for younger children, but can still be shown for high school students regarding the word "Indigenous" and how the word should be used. 

Cultural Journeys School - Squamish BC

VIU Centre for Innovative Education Leadership

This video talks about land-centred school system where students are learning using the land to help with their mental health and understanding of the world. 

Man: The Human Impact on the Environment


This is a short animation that shows the impact of man on the environment and it initiates a good discussions regarding how can we reduce our carbon footprint in order to protect the world. 

Worry Less About Offending People and More About to Take Offense


In this video Irshad Manji talks about the importance of teaching students how to not take offense so easily and understand the importance of understanding different people's points of view. 

What Does an Indigenous University Look Like?


This TedTalk by Niigaanwewidam (James) Sinclair talks about Land-Centered Education and how much we can learn from the land to help us understand how our world works. 

SBA Indigenous Advocacy Week: Interview with Samaria Cardinal

Patrick Ang

This is an amazing interview one of my students, Patrick Ang, did with Samaria Cardinal regarding many different issues that Indigenous People faces and the stereotypes they experience. 

20 mins Fullbody Stretch/Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Relief


This is a great video as an activity to bring stress and anxiety relief exercises for students. I have used this video countless of times to help students' mental health during covid. 

The Indian Act

Ayesha Basu

This is an amazing animation that one of my students, Ayesha Basu, created regarding the Indian Act. It is quite informative and gives good background information regarding Indigenous Education. 

When Aiden Became a Brother

Tandem, Partners in Early Learning

This is a read-along video of When Aiden Became a Brother regarding gender identity. This is a great resource in teaching children what gender identity means. 

What is the CEFR?


This video explains what is the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) means to parents and teachers and how it provides basic information of its purpose. 

The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain


This is a good video that talks about the importance and benefits of being bilingual or multilingual. 

7th Generation Prophecy


This video explains the Indigenous teaching of 7th generation prophecy. 

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