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Securing Accountability

The principal is responsible for creating conditions for student success and is accountable to students, families, caregivers, the community, supervisors and to the board for ensuring that students benefit from a high quality education.  

Ensuring Accountability for All

As the Department Head of Moderns, I always do lunch time meetings where we would discuss different ways to improve our programming. I often encourage my department members to attend various PD and providing them opportunity to attend these PD. It is through these encouraging words that 80 % of my department members are trained to be DELF correcteurs while 20% want to be part of it when the opportunity comes up. It is through frequent discussions and conversations that I have ensure accountability on my teachers, but also gives teachers the encouragement to pursue further education. Working with other Department Heads, we discussed various strategies to improve the literacy skills and numeracy skills. Through open communication, we have successfully created a French Numeracy program within our departmental goals. 

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